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What is GROW?





What is GROW?

GROW is a resilience and character training program created to equip non-profit organizations, NGO’s, and places of worship around the world with necessary tools for strengthening their target communities.

People who are resilient are able to stay strong under pressure.  They can get back on their feet after the storms of life. They are overcomers, problem solvers, and oftentimes become leaders. They suffer less from depression and, overall, they enjoy better mental health. They have learned to transform pain into inner strength.

Our goal is to lift well-being and help people have a better life, no matter what their circumstances are. The ability to respond to life with resilience is not only possible--it’s even a learnable skill. So, we decided to find a way to teach resilience to anyone who needs and wants to learn about it, regardless of reading ability or fluency in a specific language.

Our curriculum is a spiritually based character and resilience-training program that is built on evidence based practices from positive psychology. Lessons are based around Bible stories and are designed to be engaging and interactive.

The program is taught by fun-loving leaders who have a strong positive relationship with God and who are role models for both character and resilience. It is structured into 24 weekly group sessions lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide spiritually based resilience training programs that build character and well-being in children and adults.

Our vision is a world in which children and adults everywhere have the spiritual and emotional tools they need to build strong character and a life of resilience.

Our Approach & Model

As academics and people of strong personal faith, we are interested in piloting research to find out what really works to create resilience and strong character. At GROW, we follow several important steps for development and implementation of our curriculum

  • Pray for wisdom
  • Combine evidence-based spiritual practices and evidence-based positive psychology interventions.
  • Ask for feedback on cultural appropriateness from people inside the particular culture
  • Test the curriculum with a pilot.
  • Train local male and female leaders who are already role models of strong positive character
  • Implement the program
  • Provide weekly coaching for leaders
  • Test the final version using validated measures and scales for hope, resilience, character growth and alcohol & substance use.

Our Core Values

We believe that a strong positive relationship with God is very important.  Knowing the one who made us and loves us makes our lives richer, deeper and fuller. As we lean into His love we find meaning and purpose.
We all need to know and believe we are truly loved and that we belong to a family that cares for us. It’s our goal to make that happen in every GROW group.
Sense of humor
Humor makes life fun, happy and light. We teach our program through games, drama and dances.  Laughter is the best medicine!
We believe that everyone in the world is created in God’s image and deserves to be treated with honor and respect. We all have a story, and we can all learn from each other! Whoever you are and wherever you have come from, you are welcome!
Love of excellence
We hold our program and ourselves to a high standard of excellence. Whether we are analyzing data, polishing a curriculum, training leaders, or building an obstacle course to teach character, there is nothing quite as satisfying to our team as finishing well and getting it right.
Since we are committed to building a sustainable and cost-effective program, we get plenty of opportunities to exercise creativity! Games, drama, music and dance are great teaching tools that don’t cost a thing.
We are researchers for a reason. We are curious about how to create and combine best practices for building strong character, hope and resilience while at the same time lowering alcohol and substance use.

Our Team

Dana McDaniel Seale
James Paul Seale
Research team for Growth character and resilience
Dana McDaniel Seale
James Paul Seale
Sion K. Harris
On Track Ministries
AIRO Healthcare Inc.

Practices Included in our
Culturally Adaptable Story Telling Curriculum

Active Constructive Response
Singing and Dance
Written Goal for
Each Character Strength
Via 24 Character Strengths taught by 24 Bible Story Role Models
Meditation (Forgiveness,
Gratitude, Mindfulness)
Games and Interactive Exercises
Positive Self-Affirmation Statements


"I love God.  I love my mother and father.  I love all my teachers so much. I am becoming more resilient by learning each and every character strength."
Grade 6


"God has a plan for my future for he never fails and has introduced me to a very big family that can support and encourage me."
Stear Mafwafwa
GROW Leader


"Whenever I ask my child 'What do you go to learn'? She says that they learn how to be courageous."
GROW Focus Group